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Friday, 18 January 2013

Off the Shoulder

Oh coldLogic, how I love you! coldLogic just released sexy, off the shoulder sweaters, sweater dresses, and loads of patterned and solid leggings that fit neatly beneath everything. I'm almost as hot as the car!


REDGRAVE - Shoes Nikki - 12colors  
Wasabi Pills Jamie Mesh Hair - Cinnamon
Cae Guinevere (C88) :: Earring
coldLogic dress - jones.crimson
coldLogic leggings -
Belleza Ava Med Red 3
Beetlebones Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty brown)
Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Olive Hazel, w3)
Slink Mesh Hands 
Trunk from House of Fox Gacha

Friday, 21 December 2012

I Come Bearing Gifts

Christmas is drawing closer and I went running around the neighbourhood delivering presents.  I got to the last house and there was no answer for a while and I thought Friar must still be angry with me after I accidentally reversed an elephants arse into his doorway, where it left a smelly deposit.  But that was ages ago, surely he has some festive spirit in him. Suddenly I heard a deep, grizzly voice saying "Wadda ye want?" He didn't sound at all happy and he scared the blinking bejeezus out of me so I dropped the presents on the doorstep and ran for the hills, my heart about thudding out of my chest. Maybe the Hai Karate aftershave will cheer him up, if that doesn't do the trick then he's bound to be happy with hand knitted jumper with a cheery face of Santa on it. 

This Adam & Eve skin is super gorgeous. It comes with different makeups and a few extra layers such as freckles and hair bases. I'm not one for much make-up real life or Second Life and this Bare skin was just perfect for me.

I also couldn't resist Leagues new release, the Faux Fur Pea Coat. You get three, one full colour and two with gradient shading at the bottom. They are gorgeous and snugly, just right for our winter wardrobes.

For everything else look below.

Adam & Eve Skins - Carolyn - Bare
*League* Faux Fur Pea Coat -Burgundy
*League* Beaded Necklace -Burgundy
*League* Folklore Leggings -Shibori Shadow 
::Exile:: Raspberry Beret:Wedge
EarthStones Classic Romance Earring - Garnet
Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Midnight Hazel)
::BeetleBones:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (minimalist black)
Slink Mesh Hands
aDORKable Poses - Gacha Gifts 6

Dura Hat Hair
Bleak - nordic slate jumper
Male student glasses - SL Library
Redgrave - Cruz with 3day beard - Tan

Monday, 9 January 2012

Bella at Redgrave

I've never read the Twilight books, and only saw bits of the movies on TV with my son rolling his eyes as he passed through the room. So, I'm not going to comment on whether Redgrave's new skin and shape release looks like Bella or the actress who plays her, I don't much care, but the skin is pretty.

I made some changes to the shape to suit my preferences a little better and to fit the standard size mesh shapes.  It doesn't fit my self made Dolly shape very well, but that's ok.  It could be fun to take the occasional picture of a totally different av without having to bug my friends!  So, say hello to Bella-Dolly, not another av, just me in a different skin and shape. She is wearing Elikatira hair, Coco big shirt and pants, League tee and belt.